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Currently I am not teaching on a weekly schedule until further notice. I am available for private instruction, seminars or as a guest instructor. Please inquire through private message for rates. 

Class Offerings Include:

 Balancing: Thinking Outside the Box

1-2 hours

Learn balancing techniques that will improve: posture, isolations, movement control and awareness of your body and surroundings. It doesn't matter if students have the desire to dance with something on their head in a performance or not. This class will give students balance training to gain improvements in their dance movements. Vertical movement (up and down) is easier than horizontal movement (side to side). Vertical movements: Undulations-Up and down both accented and smooth, Belly Rolls, Pelvic Lifts & Drops, Chest L & D, Elevation changes, Back bends, Forward Bends, Shoulder shrugs, Up and Down Hip Shimmies, etc. Horizontal movements: Chest and Hip slides, Chest and Hip circles, Side to Side Undulations, Mayas, Tunisian Hip Shimmies, Snake Arms, etc. Class includes horizontal and vertical movement drills and combinations and a few Caveats from the instructor.

Instructor provides safe equipment for balancing.


Layla bint Ali at Siham Ali's Fall Seminar 2009 Photo Courtesy Innana Ali











Layla Ali dancing at the Dead Sea Scrolls
Opening Gala November 2009


Belly Brew Fundraiser in Wichita, KS 1-19-2013  Photo by Glenn Gunnels



 Layla/Siham09b.jpg   Layla/Siham09e.jpg   Layla/Siham09f.jpg   Layla/Siham09g.jpg 

Photos taken at Siham Ali's Fall workshop 2009 by Jolynne Martinez aka Inanna Ali


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Copyright © 2016 DBA Once in a Blue Moon